Primary Residential Treatment

The “New Dawn” program is a 10 week healing retreat for men and women who are seeking recovery from addiction.  Designed to assist individuals to reclaim their mental, emotional, physical & spiritual well-being & awareness, while learning to understand why substance abuse occurs and manages how it affects each personally in a new & healthy manner.

It offers:

  • Personal Counselors
  • Individual/Group Counseling
  • Group Support Activities
  • Nutrition/Physical Fitness

Women’s Primary Residential
and Day Treatment Programs

(Roadrunner Building)

Recovery is Beauty

Roadrunner’s Welcome
The staff at the Women’s Residential and Day Treatment building would like to welcome you to our program.  We offer an atmosphere of encouragement and empowerment to help you overcome your addiction.  We look forward to hearing from you.

War on Addiction
Addiction is a lifelong battle, but you don’t have to go at it alone.  Here at the Roadrunner Building, we want to give you the tools you need to live a meaningful life in recovery.

Residential Treatment
This is a 7 day, 10 week program, where ladies stay on campus for the entire length of treatment.  We encourage our ladies to build relationships with their peers, and create their own sober support system.

Day Treatment
This is a 7 day, 10 week program, like residential, but ladies are able to return to their home at the end of the day’s activities.  Women who qualify for this program have the same completion requirements as residential.

Vision Statement
Be the Roadrunner for Recovery and run the road of Sobriety for you are the Proud Native Women who will run to win and fight to help your People.


Men’s Primary Residential Program

The Men’s PRT believes in treating the person as a whole, not just the physical aspect of addiction.  Clients need repair in various areas such as: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual areas.  Addiction effects the individual from various levels and we strive to treat more than what is on the surface.

Program Philosophy
We believe that chemical dependency is a disease of the body, mind, emotions, and Spirits.  We believe that it is a curable disease and thus must be treated in a positive manner and culture ways.  We believe that life is a gift from the Creator and that treatment is an opportunity for us to discover the obstacles that lie in our pathways to the life that the Creator has for us.

 Program Information

Phase I:

10 Week Program
16 Beds
Daily Large Group Classes
Weekly Small Processing Groups
Weekly Individual Counseling Sessions

Phase II:

Recovery Training Program
3 Months of Outpatient Program
Weekly Small Groups
Weekly Individual Counseling Sessions
Group Trips
Transitions into the Working to Wellness or Scholarship Program

Mission Statement
To proved culturally sensitive treatment for chemically dependency to the adult tribal members and their families of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Sobriety is a Journey, not a Destination.