Alternative Support Program

Isolation Quarantine Site – Address: #206 W. Fatco Rd

Contact #s:
Female IQ Site: (928) 338-1003 Male IQ Site: (928) 338-1005 Alternate #: (928) 594-9236

We are available 24/7.

Rainbow Treatment Center has recently created (with the help of EOC) a program called the ‘Alternative Support Program’ which houses COVID-19 positive people. This program is intended for those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and wish to voluntarily self-quarantine themselves so they can reduce the risk of spreading the virus to their loved ones, friends and other tribal members. ASP (Alternative Support Program) assists COVID-19 positive people by providing them with a safe place to stay, food, basic hygiene kits, monitoring, over-the-counter medications and twice daily physical wellness checks. This program is completely free.

Although ASP is located at RTC and run by RTC staff, ASP is NOT intended for alcohol/substance abuse treatment. It is merely for those who need a place to quarantine themselves.

To enroll in ASP, you would have to be confirmed positive by IHS and referred (either have a letter from IHS or have your doctor call us). We do not accept self-referrals UNLESS they have an official Quarantine Letter from IHS. Also, you cannot refer another family member unless they are willing to as ASP is a completely voluntary program.

ASP accepts adults, children and the elderly. Child participants may be admitted into ASP only when they are accompanied with an adult parent or legal guardian who also tests positive for the virus. Children who are admitted do so under the authority and at the consent of their legal guardians who assume complete responsibility for their child’s welfare while in ASP. Parents are solely responsible for the child’s behavior, safety, and health. Child participants will be housed in the same room as their parent. ASP will strive to grant child-parent groupings with as much privacy as possible given the limitation of the physical facilities of ASP. Children are not to go into any other sleeping/private room with a non-biological adult unless the child’s parent is present.

Both sites (male & female) can house both parents and children. So for example, COVID positive parent can bring along their COVID positive child(ren). Each site has a separate building/wing specifically for parents and their children.

We do not accept individuals who are intoxicated from alcohol and/or substance abuse. Weapons, violence, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc., are NOT allowed (there are more rules, but I want to highlight the main ones).

We encourage you to bring items such as books, movies, snacks, workout equipment, puzzles, basketballs, tablets, phones, chargers, journals, Bibles, etc., to help make your quarantine more enjoyable. We also encourage you to bring enough clothes for your quarantine (washer and dryers are available).

If you forget an item at home, family members, friends, or EOC/CHR staff can pick it up from your residence and deliver it to ASP.

ASP participants will be discharged once their doctor determines that they no longer posses a contamination to the community. Also, on the IHS Quarantine Letter, it will state the day when you are lifted off quarantine. That day will be your ‘quarantine end date’ that ASP will go by. ASP cannot “force” a participant to stay. On the contrary, ASP participants can leave whenever they wish to, but ASP will notify IHS or CHR to follw-up on them.

Staff are available 24/7. Practice social distancing, wear a mask and all other CDC protocols. Thank you and be safe.”