Outpatient Programs

Matrix Program

Susie Crocker, Outpatient Coordinator, BHT
John R. Aday, BHT
Ernestina Yazzie, BHT
Norberta Quintero, BHT

The Matrix Program is a SAMSHA endorsed BEST Practice Model that has been shown to be effective with Native American People and is the cornerstone of Rainbow Treatment Center’s Outpatient programming.  The program offers multiple group therapy experiences for clients (Early Recovery Group, Family Education Group, and Relapse Prevention Group).  Clients attend the Matrix Program for a total of 16 Intensive weeks.  Multiple incentive programs are offered to clients to help maintain their motivation and compliance with the program’s objectives.

Family Enrichment Program

Cline Griggs, FEP Coordinator
Pamela Morris, BHT
Bronte SittingEagle, BHT
Ivan Atole III – Family Therapist

Empowers parents in creating a safe, sober, & healthy family environments.

Offers classes such as:

  • The Fatherhood/Motherhood Is Sacred Program
  • Fatherhood/Motherhood Is Sacred Alumni Association
  • Parenting With Positive Discipline
  • Couple Together For Safe & Sober Families
  • Warrior’s Way
  • Family Night
  • Family Enrichment Monthly Gatherings
  • Incentive For Sobriety Program