Recovery Training Program

The Recovery Training Program (RTP) is an extension of the Primary Residential Treatment (PRT) program. The recovery training program is essentially a mentoring, coaching and training program. RTP provides a “healing forest” for those who are beginning to develop their recovery skills. The RTP is designed to enhance the recovery principles learned in PRT and provide an environment in which the principles can be translated into life skills and practiced in the individual’s life. This is the “Recovery Training” idea.

Program Guidelines

Upon entry to the Recovery Training Program clients will receive an initial assessment and an individualized treatment plan which they will work on throughout their time with RTP.

  • Clients are required to attend 2 RTP sessions per week for 12 weeks (24 sessions)
  • Client must attend Early Recovery until completion (8 sessions) and Sobriety Circles
  • Clients must also attend at least one individual session per week (more if needed)
  • Random UA’s
  • Clients will attend the N’dee Bii Fitness Center once weekly
  • In addition, clients must comply with recommended treatment of Diagnostic update.

RTP will interface with the themes used in PRT and will focus on the real life application of the skills learned while in treatment.  Individuals who demonstrate marked progress will be allowed to apply for Working 2 Wellness or the Scholarship Program after 12 sessions. They will be allowed to interview for the program after 18 sessions. At the completion of their individual care plan Individuals will be invited to join the alumni group and assist with peer coaching and sober/social activities.