Scholarship Program

Vision Statement:
Our vision is to prepare every eligible person to realize their full potential that they hold the power to create opportunities for themselves and others when they enhance their knowledge through education and sobriety.

Program Overview

The Scholarship program was created at the beginning of 2013 with its cohort starting in June 2013.  This program was created so that it will assist clients who suffer from substance abuse disorders acquire the skills, aptitudes, attitudes, and motivation to pursue gainful employment by successfully meeting their educational goals.

There are two components to the Rainbow Treatment Center Scholarship Program:

GED Preparation – Assists students in preparing to take the GED test through a curriculum established by AZ certified adult educators on-site.  This program runs on an open enrollment basis.  Which means that once you complete the requirement, you may be eligible to enter the program at any duration of the time throughout the year.

College Assistance Program – Assists those students who possess a high school diploma, or GED, to pursue higher education at the local community college.  This program runs by semester basis only (Fall, Spring, Summer I, II).


Basic requirements for applying are:

  • Must be an active client of Rainbow Treatment Center
  • Have a current substance abuse diagnosis
  • 100% completion of the Outpatient Program or 75% of Recovery Treatment Program within the past year
  • Complete a program application
  • Pass a pre-interview alcohol/drug test before proceeding to the formal program interview
Types Of Services

Selected participants will gain helpful skills to get through the educational process and obtain support to maintain sobriety.

Clients receive the following:

  • Academic Support
  • Pre-Job Training Development
  • Sobriety Support
  • Peer Mentoring/Support
  • Individual Counseling
  • Referral Services