Working To Wellness Program

The Working to Wellness Employment Program is for clients who have completed most or all of their treatment to obtain jobs at Tribal, Federal, or Private companies.  Rainbow Treatment Center will pay for the salaries of the of the participant; all of their taxes, benefits, and personnel polices will be the same as if he/she is a part-time employee of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

This person will work at the place of employment of their own choosing and accepted at the discretion of the employer.  He/she will also be subject to any special rules or regulations that company/agency or entity may have.

Program participant will be drug tested on a weekly basis.  He/she will also participate in four hours of substance abuse and vocational rehabilitation counseling at Rainbow Treatment Center each week and will participate in individual counseling as needed.

This is an achievement.  Research shows that getting a job is one of the most important factors in helping people remain sober.


The following minimum requirements must be met to qualify for the Working to Wellness Employment Program:

  • Current Assessment
  • 25 “Sobriety Circles”
  • Ongoing Sobriety
  • Active Enrollment with AHCCCS
  • 100% Completion of all Required Outpatient Counseling Groups


W2W is an open enrollment program.