Recovery Support Services

Recovery Support Services (RSS)

The role of the Recovery Support Specialist is to include on-going services for individuals who complete treatment programs in order to support positive outcomes.  Continued care services are provided following discharge from the Women’s or Men’s Residential Programs.   Continuing care services may include participation in group meetings and/or individual counseling.  Clients can start meeting with their individual counselor who will continue to help them in meeting their goals, which are in the client’s “Individual Recovery Service Plan”.


Clients will need to complete their initial assessment with the Intake Department.

Clinical Staffing:

Clinical staff determines if the client is referred to either the Men’s or Women’s Residential Program or the Outpatient Program.  If the client was referred to the Men’s or Women’s Residential (PRT) the case file is turned over to the PRT Admission’s Department and they take over the case until the client is discharged from the residential program.  When the client has successfully completed he Residential Program (PRT) and referred to the Outpatient Program, the client will be assigned to a Recovery Support Specialist.

Recovery Support Services:

Once a client is assigned to a Recovery Support Specialist, s/he will need to meet their RSS to start the process of completing their “Individual Recovery Servie Plan”.  The RSS will go over all the recommended groups that the client will start attending, weekly urine analysis, bi-weekly meetings with their RSS, and expectation of the client while attending the Outpatient Program.


When a client completes the Outpatient Program they can either chose to apply for the Working to Wellness Program or the Scholarship Program.  These programs will then take over their “Case Management” until client has completed their programs.